Clicking on a title will enable you to hear a midi file version of the tablature arrangements - if you would like to then purchase the tablature in TablEdit and PDF formats please see the instructions below the list of tunes
Chicken Chaser
Click image to view a sample PDF

If you wish to purchase tablature from the list I am offering 4 tabs for :
£10 - GBP

Or the entire selection for:
£30 - GBP

This is done via Paypal - Here is how it works .....


1 - Log onto Paypal - choose "SEND MONEY"

2 - Type in my email -

3 - Type in the amount for £10 if it's 4 tunes or £30 if it's for the entire selection - then press CONTINUE

4 - In the "Add special instructions" section put your email address and
state the 4 tunes that you would like the TAB for or if you want the entire selection.

5 - Send payment

As soon as I receive a confirmation email from Paypal - I will let you know and contact you ASAP to arrange sending the TAB which will be in TablEdit , PDF and midi files -
In order to playback the TablEdit files you'll need to install the free viewer - Tefview
This enables you to view, listen and print the tab and also to alter the tempo - very handy!

Here are some more samples - click to download.
Cold Frosty Morning - PDF Sample
Cold Frosty Morning - TablEdit Sample